About Us

Jordan Mulson; CEO of Hometown Domination

If you have any questions about anything; custom services, joint-ventures, prices, etc, please give us a call or use our Contact page. We’d love to speak with you. Reach us direct at 847-868-2543. We look forward to serving you and your bottom line.

“If you’re attacking your market from multiple positions and your competition isn’t, you have all the advantage and it will show up in your increased success and income.”
-Jay Abraham


HD is passionate about helping individuals and businesses get started with marketing themselves online using social tools and strategies. It is of great importance that a business kick-start their online and mobile marketing the right way with effective and purposeful planning, strategizing, and implementation. Getting started the right way saves tons of time and potentially thousands of dollars.

When you work with HD, you are leveraging a small network of consultants, web designers, and developers with expertise in everything from Social Media, Web Design, WordPress, SEO, Video and Article Marketing, and traditional marketing.

A facet of our mission is to bridge the gap for those that are apprehensive or just flat-out overwhelmed about getting started with Social Media, Internet, and Mobile Marketing. Our approach and attitude makes Social Media manageable, affordable, and enjoyable for our clients. (And did we mention effective too?)

Ultimately we are in the business of customized solutions. We are available to Coach and Consult, completely manage and implement your Online Marketing, or construct a Joint-Venture Arrangement where all we require up front is a small monthly retainer. We’re available to work up a customized plan based upon your desires and budget.

You may click here to Contact Us. Simply fill out the form. Phone calls are welcome as well: 847-868-2543.